A Peal of Sonnets

Peal art

A Peal of Sonnets was designed and printed by Zachary Carlsen on dampened Somerset paper, set from Perpetua types, in an edition of 125 copies. Binding by Jill Krase at Ovenbird Bindery.

In the ringing of the changes, “a peal” consists of seven church bells rung in every order possible, that is, 5040 rings. In this volume, according to designer Zachary Carlsen, “each loose poem in the volume represents a bell: A Peal of Sonnets can be read in as many different ways as the arrangements of the bells can be rung.”

Signed, numbered copies of A Peal of Sonnets are available for sale for $110 each; contact the poet at amparker0@gmail.com for further information.