NCHumanities Fellowship

May 16, 2024

The NC Humanities, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, has awarded AMP a 2024 Fellowship to write his book, One Million Likes: Understanding Cartoons in a Digital Age. The grant will underwrite two months of full-time work on the …

A flashie flash

January 17, 2024

Here’s a new piece of flash fiction, “Janet and Her Soul,” at The Opiate Magazine. No, it’s not autobiographical. Or it is. With thanks to Genna Rivieccio.  

Lilly’s Bird Bingo

December 3, 2023

Here’s another story, “Lilly’s Bird Bingo,” a Bingo card gorgeously pubbed by the good folks at With my thanks to Pam Houston for the great edits.

Speculative Fiction

June 28, 2023

Hi, sci-fi fans. I’ve written a story that isn’t sci-fi, but is called “Speculative Fiction.” With thanks to the dear ones at Necessary Fiction for publication.

PEN/Faulkner 2024

June 13, 2023

I am honored to have been selected a judge for the 2024 PEN/Faulkner Award, along with Xochitl Gonzalez and Lynn Steger Strong. We’re anticipating over 500 submissions. Time to get new reading glasses.

The latest in fiction! Here!

May 13, 2023

Sometimes I write stories that are super eensie weensie. Here’s one, “Ella’s Letter to the Editor of the Universe.” (Because she needed to say so, she did.) With thanks to the great humans at LITRO, and their fabulous Friday Flash …


February 27, 2023

Here’s an interview @Ampydoo the cartoonist has done with the Superstition Review‘s smart editor, Addie Ascherl.

AMPy Flashies

December 15, 2022

Here are two new flash fictions, courtesy of the lovely people at DIAGRAM: “That Italy Thing” & “The Past or the Future.” How can we not love this magazine? The question’s moot — because we love DIAGRAM.

“Feti’s Border Crossing”

December 15, 2022

AMP’s poem, “Feti’s Border Crossing,” a new Bingo card, has been published by the Academy of American Poets in their “Poem-a-Day” series, along with an audio performance. Guest-curated by poet Cynthia Hogue in September of 2022, the poems published each …

VQR Award for best poems of 2021

June 15, 2022

AMP has been awarded the Emily Clark Balch Prize for Poetry, for six poems published in VQR in an annual year (2021). The award, selected by the staff of the journal, comes with a $1000 award. The poems published are …

New flash by AMP

December 9, 2021

“How Phil Imagines the Afterlife” is a flash published by The Lincoln Review (Lincoln, UK). Maybe you’ll like it. (Sure you will.)


December 9, 2021

They’re poems, they’re Bingo cards, they’re wild, you’ll like them. Try this six of AMP’s poems in Virginia Quarterly Review. 

It’s story time

December 1, 2021

Here’s a new flash — news flash! — a story by Alan Michael Parker in Fiction Kitchen Berlin, “Meeting Someone Once for Five Seconds.”

Interlocutor asks the questions

March 24, 2021

Here’s an interview with Interlocutor, and the brainy brain Isabelle Sakelaris, on The Age of Discovery, the evils of ekphrasis, rowing, novel-brain, and the delusions of the patriarchy. Oh, and poems.

2021 National Book Award – AMP’s a judge

March 17, 2021

Sponsored by the National Book Foundation, the National Book Award is one of the two most prestigious annual awards for a book by an American writer. Alan Michael Parker will participate as a judge for fiction in the 2021 award …

AMP reading at KGB

February 12, 2021

Here’s a reading AMP did with the fab poet Laura Cronk in the KGB Monday Night Poetry Series, on January 25, 2021. Such a collection of poets and readers and brains–check it out.

Zounds, what a review!

February 12, 2021

Here’s David Epstein writing in Heavy Feather Review on AMP’s new book of poems, The Age of Discovery. May all of the poets be so carefully and thoughtfully reviewed.

A rave for The Age of Discovery

January 31, 2021

Here’s Jamie O’Halloran writing on The Age of Discovery: “The deeper I read this collection, the deeper I wanted to go.” Read the full review on Lit Pub.

The story’s title is =

August 16, 2020

Here’s a new story by Alan Michael Parker, entitled =, courtesy of LITRO’s “Friday Flash” series. With thanks to the kindness of editors who care, and the work being done by art-brains in this time of horror and hope.

It’s a winner!

July 25, 2020

Alan Michael Parker’s flash fiction, “Unemployment Benefits,” has won the Lunate 500 contest. A new literary journal based in the UK, Lunate publishes terrific writing by a broad selection of international authors. The award comes with a cash prize, and AMP will …